Friday, 24 July 2015

WT's Big Day Out

Wealden Times Team training day...

After receiving an email the day before telling us where to meet and to only bring some spare clothes and a towel, Julie had the whole team wondering what she had in store for the Wealden Times training day...

It started with some tea, obviously, and then a talk from Neil Laughton, a former Royal Marine Commando and SAS officer who has lead expeditions on 7 continents, by land, sea and air, and climbed Mount Everest 5 times!

After feeling inspired we ran through some great character building exercises and played a serious game of ultimate frisbee!

After a delicious lunch made by the fabulous people at Brick House Farm we were in for some more team building games and then the real mission was made clear...

Our damsel in distress (WT's Julie) was stuck at the other side of the pond, and it was up to the rest of the team, divided into groups of 4 and 5 to build a raft using wooden poles, plastic barrels, a bath and lots of rope (and hope!)

After some more tea to build up our spirits, we took it in turns to paddle our way across the water to rescue Julie, help her safely onto the raft and back over to the other side onto dry land. 

Everyone had similar design ideas for their flotation devices, but Fiona and Rob decided to go for something a little different, using only two barrels...Despite the slightly more wobbly journey, they did it, and no one ended up falling in!

It was a day packed with lots of fun and some inspiring words. Everyone without a doubt gained something to take back to the office with them. So a big thank you is in order for Neil Laughton, the team at Brick House Farm and Julie and Beth for organising it all!

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  1. Looks great, hope no one received a dunking in the pond! Can we have some recipes for that great looking food please?