Wednesday, 26 November 2014

November's Interior Inspiration...


Master monochrome with a duo of our favourite Wealden Times interiors and gorgeous shopping picks... 

1. Seagulls and Stripes...

Sara and Jon chose a crisp and clean palette of colours that would flow through the public rooms and guestrooms of their boutique B&B, The Laindons in Hastings. Sticking to sky and seascape blues, whites and greys, and peppering their rooms with a carefully chosen selection of coastal-inspired objects, they have created a calming and tranquil space that reflects their surroundings. 

Recreate their look at home by opting for simple patterning, like their stripy theme, and varying the size and texture or wallpapers, carpets and soft furnishing, whilst keeping paint de. 

"We set out to find a balance between the property being warm and welcoming but, at the same time, bright and uncluttered," says Sara. And that is exactly the result they have achieved. See the full feature here.

Outside In...

Because everything in Heather and Peter's design-led glass house is on show, from the kitchen through to the dining area,  sitting room and on to the trees on the far side of the garden, they have chosen to keep fixtures and fittings to a minimum, opting for a simple black and white colour scheme to allow the beautiful landscape that surrounds them take centre stage.

The kitchen is two white islands with Wilsonart work surfaces beneath which are secreted all the traditional kitchen appliances. All that is on show is a ceramic hob and a brushed steel tubular extractor hood. The American white oak dining table is Parallel by De La Espada and sharing its space are the classic Rohe-designed Brno cantilevered white leather and steel dining chairs.

The main relaxing area features a white B&B Italia sofa by Antonio Cittero and two white leather and tubular steel Walter Knoll armchairs. Between them is a delicate nest of tables by Poul Kjærholm and, waiting on the sofa, two circular tubular chrome and glass tables by Eileen Gray. A final touch of sweeping elegance comes in the form of a limited edition Arco lamp with a black marble base signed by Castiglioni. See more of the Cernis's home here.

Get The Look...

Garden Labels and Ceramic Marker Pencils  LibertyBee ● £9.99

Black Lab Door Stop  Olio of Oxney  £24

Vespa Mug ● Lily & Mae ● £12.50

1950s Armchair ● The Kula  £750

Garden Birds Mini Canvas Set ● Juju Art ● £25

Moss Stitch Cotton Throw  Greige  £73.95

  All of the above can be purchased from  

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

November's Great Outdoors

Urban Growing   

Living in a town or city doesn't have to put a limitation on your love of gardening and you don't need acres of land to grow your own fruit and veg. All that's needed is a little creativity. Here are some helpful hints to get you started...

1. Hanging Charm...

If a traditional hanging basket doesn't appeal to you then have a go at something a little different! WT's Lucy has made two beautiful terrariums using a glass fish bowl,  rope, gravel and a selection of cacti and succulents. Make sure the plants you choose can grow in harmony, and you will have a perfect splash of leafy green goodness in your bathroom or kitchen. You can even try making mini terrariums within a used light bulb, a tea cup or even an old glass jar.

2. Pot Crops...

Some crops are easier to grow than others, but most fruit and vegetables can be grown in pots. Some, like blueberries, even prefer it. Apart from the removal of dead twigs, they require no pruning and can be left outside all winter if necessary. All you need is a pot at least 30cm in diameter, some ericaceous compost and a sunny spot. They may need a fortnightly tomato feed as summer arrives and the flowers set into fruit. But they're a beautiful and sweet addition to any urban plot.

3. Reuse & recycle...

WT's editor Lucy, found some lovely old wine crates in a charity shop and turned them into the most perfect planters for her garden. Have a go at being really resourceful and use old plastic bottles, tin cans, wooden apple crates, guttering and pipes, or anything you can get your hands on! You'd be surprised how versatile these things can be. It's also a super cheap way of ensuring your little garden or balcony looks the part, and it's good for the environment. Everyone wins!

4. Extra TLC...

Unlike their ground based counterparts, your inside and container plants are going to need extra love and care to ensure they get enough water, aeration and nutrition, they're counting on you! Be sure to change the soil every year and use an organic fertilizer that contains all the macro and micro nutrients your plants will need. There are specific types depending on what's growing. Make sure you provide good drainage for them and water them regularly.

5. Green Light...

Living in an urban environment can sometimes mean that light exposure for your plants can be an issue. But there are different varieties of certain veggies that don't necessarily need 6-8 hours of sunlight. Bush beans or peas are great. They only produce a single crop over a shorter period of time as they use less overall light energy than bean pole crops. Leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach, kale and chard also require less light energy as we eat the plant itself, rather than having to wait for it to set seeds or fruit, so partial shade and reflected light would work nicely.

Monday, 17 November 2014

WIN a £250 voucher to spend at Woodcocks of Tenterden and Battle...

Established in May 2005, Woodcocks of Tenterden and Battle has
a sophisticated range of interior products, including beautifully
crafted pieces of furniture, opulent lighting solutions and luxury
interior accessories for the home.
Paul Bowen-Woodcock started Woodcocks after many years as a
designer and has built his business up to now provide everything
you need to furnish your home. From wallpapers and fabrics, to
lighting and mirrors and sofas and sideboards, his shops have an
everchanging array of products that are designed to be affordable
and appealing.
Christmas is an exciting time for customers of Woodcocks, with an
extravagent range of decorations and giftware arriving in the shops
from the beginning of November. Paul says “I try to ensure that each
year our decorations blend in with last year’s so that people can buy a
few each year and keep adding to their collection. This year sees the
the addition of slightly more antique gold in our decorations, but it
blends in beautfully with the antique silvers of the past few years.”
Woodcocks are soon to launch a new online shopping store on their
new website where customers will be able to buy many items online
whilst some will remain exclusively available in-store or on offer on
a click and collect basis.
Visit or one of our shops in Sayers

Lane, Tenterden, Kent, or High Street, Battle, East Sussex.

For your chance to win a £250 voucher to spend at Woodcocks of Tenterden and Battle just answer this question: ‘In which year was Woodcocks founded?’ Enter your answer with your contact details here on this blog post, in the online form at competition or post to: The Woodcocks Competition, Wealden Times, 21 Stone Street, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3HF by
15 December 2014.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

November's Wealden Wellbeing

   Follow our 5 Top Tips For Glowing Winter Skin... 

1. Maximise on moisture...

It sounds obvious, but simply moisturising more in winter can help keep your skin soft and supple after being battered by wind and rain. The constant changes in temperature - cosy car radiator, to chilly high street, to central heated office - leaves skin dry, damaged and sore. If you can get your hands on an oil based moisturiser, opt for products that contain jojoba and almond oil which are known for their ability to help restore the skin’s lipid layer, whilst protecting against damage and loss of elasticity. Bryt Skincare have a great night cream that’s perfect for keeping those cheeks soft and rosy. For the full review of their products, pick up a copy of the November issue of Wealden Times!

2. Sun Protection...

Sun damage doesn't only happen in the summer months. Lengthy exposure to winter sun, doubled up by snow glare, can cause some real damage. It’s worthwhile investing in a lotion to help protect from those bitter winds, especially if you’re off on a skiing trip any time soon, as the altitude and UV ray exposure can increase these effects. Lush make a great natural, sesame based sun lotion with an SPF of 10 which is ideal for daily use.

3. Healthy Fats...

Fish, nuts, olive oil, flax and avocados are great examples of some healthy, monounsaturated fats that are great for maintaining healthy skin, especially during the colder months. There are so many easy, simple and tasty ways of getting more of these into your diet. Have a look at some of the recipes on our website for some inspiration!

4. Eat your greens...

Citrus fruit and dark leafy greens are a perfect source of vitamin C, which helps boost the natural production of collagen, keeping skin and hair looking beautiful and healthy. Chard, Kale and spinach are full of dietary fibre and calcium, as well as being great as antioxidants, expelling any free radicals from your body, keeping your immune system strong enough to tackle the onslaught of winter bugs!

5. Socks and Coconuts...

For dry and cracked skin on your hands and feet, try massaging some coconut oil in before bed and pop a pair of comfy gloves or socks on. Then just let the magic happen whilst you get some beauty sleep! Coconut oil is also great for your hair and scalp, the perfect choice for when is starts to get really cold over the next few months.