Wednesday, 7 January 2015

January's Wealden Wellbeing

  Five simple ways to kick start a healthy New Year  

We all love the festive season, but getting back into a normal, healthy routine can be difficult, so here are a few tips to help you on your way...

1. Get Juicy

After the heavy indulgences of Christmas and New Year, load up on veg to beat the bloating and up your high quality nutritional intake.  The Juice Executive make the most delicious vegetable juices and almond and cashew milk. They're gently sweetened with ginger, pear, apple or lime, and are an easy, delicious way of increasing you vegetable consumption. They have been tried and tested by WT's Helen and Lucy, and have been given a huge thumbs up from us! Just ensure that the juices are consumed in conjunction with a balanced diet and make sure you're still enjoying whole vegetables as well. Fibre is a vital part of our digestion! Get your juice here.

2. Take a Stroll

Fresh air and gentle exercise is the perfect way to stay active, feel better and clear a hectic mind. Pop on a pair of boots, wrap up in a woolly scarf and set off at a good pace. Get some blood pumping to restore oxygen supplies and wake up any dormant muscles! Not everyone has time to get to a gym, but dedicating even half an hour a day to a brisk walk can make a whole lot of difference to state of mind and overall fitness. 

3. Catch Some Zzzs

Christmas and New year are always hectic. Meeting up with old school friends, office parties, late night gift wrapping sessions all eventually take their toll on your body and mind, whether you're aware of it or not! So set a New Years resolution to get plenty of rest. This is a vital part of overall well being, but is often forgotten about. If you find it tricky to settle, drop some lavender oil on your pillow and keep away from televisions, laptops and phones for half an hour before bed time, so your mind is prepared for a good nights kip.

4. Clear your mind

Meditation doesn't have to mean hours of sitting in an uncomfortable cross legged position. 15 minutes a day, for a couple of months is all it takes to feel the all encompassing health benefits of meditating.  Some of the best results can be feeling more alert, brighter, more relaxed and better state of mind. There are many meditation guiding tracks to be downloaded, but WT's Helen recommends The Isha Kriya. Find it here!

5. Keep hydrated

Water is key! A combination of car heaters and cold weather is enough to make skin dry, sore and uncomfortable. Drinking plenty of water and using a good daily moisturiser will help keep this under control. WT's Lucy recommends the Million Dollar Moisturiser from Lush. A little goes a long way!

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