Wednesday, 21 January 2015

January's Interior Inspiration...

  5 top organising tips to refresh any home  

After the numerous parties, get togethers and gatherings of Christmas and New Year, it can leave our homes looking tired, in need of a little love, and dare I say it, untidy?! So here are a few hints to getting your abode back in tip top shape for the coming year.

1. Kitchen


Use every tiny little bit of space. By keeping surfaces clear, it will give the impression of an ever tidy kitchen. The inside of cupboard doors is often wasted space, so by popping up a couple of small shelving units, smaller items can be stored easily. Even if your kitchen is small or an odd shape, shelves and hooks are so simple to use which means you have more space to prepare food!

2. Your Bedroom

Neat and tidy doesn't have to mean dull; hat boxes, trunks, suitcases are all great alternatives to using plastic storage containers to keep your bits and bobs tucked away and tidy, but still looking nice! You could buy them from an auction, junk shop or antiques fair and keep them looking rustic and battered. Or maybe give them a lick of paint, a bit of decoupage or a reupholster!

3. Living Room

If you're a book lover like WF's James, then why not make a feature of them? Invisible book shelves are a more interesting way of displaying your prized possessions, leaves you with more floor space and they're still easily accessible next time you want to snuggle up with a page turner, or a copy of Wealden Times! Under seat storage is particularly useful for larger, bulky items that aren't used all year round, like jumpers, quilts and spare linen. 

4. The Kids' Bedroom

Bunk beds are the perfect option if you have more than one child to a room. They're good fun and leave more floor space to play on. Having a higher bed with drawer space underneath is also a a great choice, especially if room for other pieces of furniture is limited. 

5. Bathroom

The space under the sink is often wasted, but can be used for storing cleaning products, or lotions and potions, which keeps window sills clear,  making it easier to clean! Small sets of drawers are incredibly useful for keeping small items in as well, such as hair grips, combs and make up. By rolling up towels, they can be squeezed into smaller spaces, and still grabbed easily when needed. 

 Photos David Merewether - Styling Lucy Fleming

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