Wednesday, 3 December 2014

December's Interior Inspiration

  Simple Paper Christmas Decorations  

Christmas is a busy and expensive time of year. We all want the perfectly decorated house, perfect food, perfect gifts, but it can be tricky to keep up with it all whilst staying level headed. So here are 3 simple, affordable and beautiful decoration tutorials to give you a helping hand...

1. Two Tone Origami Bauble

Start with two squares of paper, plain, patterned, coloured, whatever takes your fancy. We used pearled for a subtle festive feel. Fold the paper diagonally both ways and top to bottom both ways. Bring the corners into the centre. 

Fold the corners up to be in line with the centre crease. Do this to all the corners  and cut off the tops.

With the opening facing you, unfold one corner, open it up and flatten it out. Repeat this on the other sides.

With the opening still facing you, making sure there are an even amount of folds on either side of the triangle shape, fold up these little corners and repeat this all the way round, ensuring each fold is crisp.
Unfold it carefully and crease the corners so they end up facing inside. Repeat the whole process for your other piece of paper and glue them together.

2. Easy Peasy Pompom

Start with a few sheets of tissue paper. This can be as big or as small as you like. Go wild! Fold them together alternately, length ways to create a concertina, tie round the middle and trim off the edges into points or curves. 

Gently pull apart the layers of tissue paper and pop them on the tree!

3. Spiral Snowflake

With a square of card, a pencil and ruler, mark out lines, working towards the centre, about 1 cm apart. Using a craft knife, cut along your lines, leaving a gap at two opposing corners.

Gently curl the other two opposing corners to meet each other and fix with glue or tape. Repeat this process for each of the corners, alternating which side they meet. 


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